About Donna

Donna Westerkamp is a mother of six children; one daughter and five sons. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Her career began with making cloth dolls for craft shows and being published on the cover of several major magazines for her original designs. She then freelanced sewing and craft ideas with a team of designers for Ben Franklin magazine and Lee Wards stores. As life got busy at home, she found quilting by hand was all she could do in the doctor’s offices and sports fields. She has been designing quilts for local quilt shops and Internet stores ever since. In 2008, she started her long arm quilting business, learning the art of free-motion quilting. Her Quilts have been published in Irish Quilting Magazine, AQS Calendar and the Wicked Book by Cherrywood Fabrics. She is a member of the Faithful Circle Quilt Guild, and past President of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild.

Long Arm Quilting

Every stitch counts. I treat every client’s quilt like my own. My nine years of experience has allowed me to understand my clients and create high quality, beautiful designs. I work with my trusty 14ft industrial Long Arm quilting machine. It allows me to work on all sized quilts even King! If you have any questions feel free to E-mail Donna at DonnaWesterkamp@gmail.com or call (630) 346-4591

Quick Turnaround!

Get your quilt back in two weeks! Sometimes even less!


¢.035 cents per square inch ( length of quilt x width = ? x .035 = price of quilting service)

Please call Donna for free estimate (630) 346-4591

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