T-Shirt Quilt

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Learning to make new things out of old things

We have the habit of dumping everything that we feel is no longer of use for its original intent and this is a very common thing to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do for us or for our planet. A good example is with old t-shirts, that rarely have a second use as rags to clean up the house and then get tossed into the garbage after a few uses.

What if you could take your old t.-shirts and turn them into something that will be used by you and maybe even by future generations in your family?

That is exactly what Donna Westerkamp is going to do with your old T-shirts. You bring them to her and she will take care of the rest at a cost that is truly affordable for an item that is durable. This will also bring back memories that each shirt gave to you at a certain point in your life.


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