T-Shirt Quilts

shs quilt


My custom t-shirt quilts come in two different designs. One design is with fabric borders and the other is without fabric. Your design will depend on how many t-shirts you want to include and what final size you want your quilt to be.  T-shirt quilts will range from having 9-49 blocks.

Price is always a consideration when you want to have a quilt made. My price range is based on size and how complex the pattern is for your quilt, but you can estimate that one t-shirt block will cost from $40 for a quilt block with border fabric and $38 without fabric borders.

An example would be if you wanted a twin size quilt (70″ x 84″)  with fabric borders, and you had 20 t-shirts, the cost would be 20 x 40 = $800. If you wanted a twin without fabric borders it would be 20 x 38 = $760.

The price includes : High-quality fabric, Quilters Dream batting, Glide thread, binding,  and hand-guided machine quilting.

If interested in a t-shirt quilt, I offer a free consultation. Please call me at: (630) 346-4591.

Making a t-shirt quilt is very special and together we can make you a very nice memory and keepsake to always enjoy.

Hours to drop off  T-Shirts are Mon-Fri. 9-5 pm  Call for an appointment.

Questions? Please contact me here! or call 630-346-4591