donna, the two quilts are beautiful. thanks so much for getting them back to me so quickly. The custom work that you did on the olaf quilt is wonderful. our 3-year-old grandson will love it. thanks so much!

Dottie, Missouri

“Everyone loved the quilt and it was voted first prize! …Thanks so much for doing such a great job and the quick turnaround!”

Kelly L, Chicago, IL

 “The quilt looks so nice, you did such a nice job. Thank you!”

KB, Lombard, IL

“I never had anyone do my long arm quilting on any of my quilts, but I let you do whatever you thought looked nice on this particular quilt. You did a fabulous job! Your workmanship is superb and I was surprised to get the quilt back quickly too. Thanks Donna!”

Kris G, Lombard, IL

“I just had to e-mail you and tell you how utterly excited I am over the beautiful job you did on my Funny Babies quilt. Your work is some of the finest quilting I have ever seen and extremely reasonably priced. I was blown away with how quickly you turned the quilt around as I was accustom to waiting several months to get my quilts back. I am just PLEASED AS PUNCH with your beautiful work. You have an awesome gift!! I can’t wait to drop off my next quilt! Thank you so much for a job well done.”

Sandi W, Glendale Heights, IL

“I FINALLY HAD A chance to open the box. all i can say is wow! it’s exactly how i pictured it! he was a boater, so i was hoping the swirls would look like waves, and they do!!! fantastic turnaround time. i will be recommending you to friends, and sending you other things in the future. very very pleased!”

N.C., Oakwood Hills, IL


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